computer technology

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Computer Technology

Computer Technology
Technology has helped us in every phase of life since the beginning of time. From the invention of the simple calculator to the Internet, technology has been a great factor on the way our civilization has grown. With more and more technological advances just around the corner, our civilization will continue to grow faster and faster than ever before. After the invention of the computer this world did many inventions in a short time with the help of technology and it has changed the way of thinking and creativity of people. Computer technology makes everyday life easier for people. Much amount of computer use can also bring some side effects of it. While computer technology changes by the minute, the past 50 years are considered to be modern age of computing. Today many people have computers in their homes. Everyone knows what a computer is and how it works. But 100 years ago, no one even heard about a computer. People had to find other ways to do the work that computers do now. Before the invention of computer people used an abacus to do math or to work with big numbers. They had to write letters by hand or typewriter, then they had to take them to the post office to send. Without computers, people had trouble when they needed to work with huge numbers. Many inventors worked hard to make counting machines. Charles Babbage, from England, worked on plans for machines that would help people with math problems. Charles Babbage is called “The father of the Computer.” Herman Hollerith was a teacher. In 1884, he invented a counting machine. In 1896 Herman Hollerith, who lived in United States, started a company, which now known as IBM to make calculators, or counting machines. The counting machine was very useful. But soon people were looking for something even better. Invention of Computer took a long time. In 1941, Great Britain and United States were fighting a war against Germany. They hoped that the machine like computers could help (Pap, 2010). In 1943, the Harvard Mark-I computer was invented which solved math problems. The first computer like Harvard Mark-I, did not have any computer screens. In the same year 1943, England built the Colossus computer. The Colossus computer was the first electronic computer. Many people worked on Colossus computers. It could read messages written in secret code. Three years later in the United States, John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert built a better computer called ENIAC. It was fast and took 30 seconds to answers hard math problem. It was far better than early invented computers who took 12 hours to solve same math problem. The ENIAC computers were as big as a small house (Bellis, 2013). After ENIAC many companies had built a computer. In 1981, IBM released Home computer which grows a personal computer revolution and Microsoft released MS-DOS Computer Operating System. In 1985, Microsoft released windows based system. After, the new operating system the computers are coming out with more functionality and high-performance. Orest says, “Computer technology allows processing of information faster than the human brain. Nearly everything in our modern world is influenced by computer technology.” Timing of traffic signals, telecommunications, and even time keeping are controlled by advanced computer technology. “Computer technology is also used in education, business, home jobs, and healthcare, banking system, satellites and many other places. Computer technology makes our life easier, faster and comfortable” (Pap, 2010). We cannot imagine our life without computer technology. Through computer technology we can communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world with a single click of a button. There are many computer software’s available in the market which allows us to do our daily task and communicate with other peoples. For example, Yahoo messenger, Skype. Computers save huge amount of physical storage space. Imagine how much...
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