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Task 1

Hospital information system
Hospital information is a one of the most important issues in health services. Hospitals provide a medical assistance to people. The best introduction for the hospital information system has been made in 2011 International Conference on Social Science and Humanity, which is; Hospital Information Systems can be defined as massive, integrated systems that support the comprehensive information requirements of hospitals, including patient, clinical, ancillary and financial management. Hospitals are extremely complex institutions with large departments and units coordinate care for patients. Hospitals are becoming more reliant on the ability of hospital information system (HIS) to assist in the diagnosis, management and education for better and improved services and practices. In health organization such as hospitals, implementation of hospital information system inevitable due to many mediating and dominating factors such as organization, people and technology. Architecture

Hospital Information System have three main levels;
1. Central Government Level
2. Territory Level
3. Patient Carrying Level
Generally all types of hospital information systems are supported in client-server architectures for networking and processing. Most of work positions for hospital information systems are currently resident types. After beginning the Mobile computing tablet computers and smartphone applications are used. Enterprise hospital information system with Internet architectures havebeen successfully deployed in public healthcare territories and have been widely adopted by further entities. The hospital information system is a province-wide initiative designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system. Hospital Information System’s goal is to streamline patient information flow and its accessibility for doctors and other health care providers. These changes in service will improve patient care quality and patient safety over time. The patient carries system record patient information, patient laboratory test results and patient’s doctor information. Doctors can access easily person information, test results and previous prescriptions. Patient schedule organization and early warning systems can provide by related systems. A cloud computing alternative is not recommended, as data security of individual patient records services are not well accepted by the public. Hospital Information System can be composed of one or several software components with specialty-specific extensions, as well as of a large variety of sub-systems in medical specialties, for example Laboratory Information System, Policy and procedure management system, Picture archiving and communication systemor Radiology information system. Computer information systems are sometimes separated from hospital information systems in that one focuses the flow management and clinical state-related data and the other focuses the patient-related data with the doctor’s letters and the electronic patient record. However, the naming differences are not standardized between suppliers. Architecture in based on a distributed approach and on the utilization of standard software products complying with the industrial and market standards must be utilized.(such as :UNIX operating systems, MS-Windows, local area network based on Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols, relational database management systems based on SQL language or Oracle database, C programming language) Aim of the Hospital Information System

As an area of medical informatics the aim of an hospital information system is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and outcome and administration by presenting data where needed and acquiring data when generated with networked electronic data processing. Hospital information systems...
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