Computer History of Information

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A History of the Data Machine

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Chapter I: Before the Computer

Chapter II:Creating the Computer

Chapter III:Innovation

Chapter IV:Getting Personal


Part Three presents a selective history of some key computer innovations in the quarter-century between the invention of the computer at the end of the war and the development of the first personal computers. Chapter 7 is a study of one of the key technologies of computing, real time. We examine this subject in the context of commonly experienced applications, such as airline reservations, banking and ATMs, and supermarket bar codes. Chapter 8 describes the development of software technology, the professionalization of programming, and the emergence of a software industry. Chapter 9 covers the development of some of the key features of the computing environment at the end of the 1960s: time-sharing, minicomputers, and microelectronics. The purpose of the chapter is, in part, to redress the commonly held notion that the computer transformed from the mainframe to the personal computer in one giant leap.

Part Four gives a history of the developments of the last forty years that brought the computer to most people’s desktops and into their personal lives. Chapter 10 describes the development of the microcomputer from the first hobby computers in the mid-1970s up to its transformation into the familiar personal computer by the end of the decade. Chapter 11’s focus is on the personal-computer environment of the 1980s, when the key innovations were user-friendliness and the delivery of “content,” by means of CD-ROM storage and consumer networks. This decade was characterized by the extraordinary rise of Microsoft and the other personalcomputer...
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