Components of Wise Judgment

Topics: Understanding, Knowledge, Scientific method Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 16, 2011
According to the hypothesis of Baltes and his colleagues there are five components of wise judgment consisting of factual knowledge about matters of life, procedural knowledge, lifespan contextualism, recognition and management of uncertainty and relativism regarding solutions. An example situation is one that a mother knows her seven year old child has stolen has stolen a box of cookies from the store while she was shopping. In this situation the mother is well aware of the factual knowledge that stealing is stealing no matter how old the person committing the crime is. She knows that the immediate consequence of this will fall directly on her as the mother. Understanding from the child’s point of view that if you want something you take it, for example, a block at school, he can just take it to play with it whenever he pleases. At seven the child is still too young to fully understand what is right and wrong, so, when he takes the cookies he thinks it is okay because it’s not harming anyone to his knowledge. The procedural knowledge from the child is not present in that he does not understand the consequences of taking the cookies from the store. The mother should take the cookies back to the store and explain to someone what happened and apologize to prevent any further conflict. When she gets the box of cookies back and has a moment afterward with the child she should describe to him that stealing is unacceptable and that it will not be tolerated without consequence, remaining firm as a parent while giving the proper advice to her child. The child does not have full lifespan contextualism, because he isn’t truly aware that this is a store that needs to sell products in order to create revenue and by stealing he is taking away from that income. The child is unaware of the effects his actions could have on his family, mostly his mother, and also the effects on his own life in the future if he were to continue stealing. The mother understands fully that by her...
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