Comparing Japan and Russia

Topics: Democracy, World War II, Russia Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Toni Irizarry3/30/11
Mr. Le du
There are many Compared and contrasted things that both Japan and Russia are different from each other but First off, Japan’s political system is mostly based on liberal democracy. Both Japan and Russia are not the same despite the fact that they are both male dominated society. Russia’s political system is based on communist and post communism. Japan has an constitutional monarchies, meaning that their governments are showed by leaders who have almost no real political power but their job is to act as a symbolic leader of the country which is japans monarch Akihito whom representative as symbol of state. Russia was a feudal empire back in the old days but now their political development changed on 1991 when the USSR had fallen and Russia become an communism country and was limited to things but then allowed a increasingly openness, tolerance and support to an extent. Russia til this day fails and still facing the biggest obstacles with attempts to build a stable and open democracy country. Russia had faith of their political system and since the USSR broke up, the citizen of Russia was more concerned about who maintaining the order so that’s why communist still exist in Russia even though it was just getting abit worse for them.

Both Japan and Russia have a written constitution but Russia had changed theirs a few times since 1993, Russia government wanted a prime minister. So they have a prime minster now along with the executive president. Japan has most of the typical structural features of a liberal democracy except for a truly competitive party system. Japan believes in dominance of the liberal democrats in parties to a token opposition and voters had a bigger impact on internal party politics than they did on competition among parties. The Japanese use a system called diet elections which means that voters are taken apart from mayors and members of the assemblies of villages, towns...
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