Compare the characteristics of constructing Chinese socialism by Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong.

Topics: Deng Xiaoping, People's Republic of China, Communism Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: January 16, 2014
After the Cultural Revolution, China was given room for recovery and development. However, due to devastation brought by long-standing struggles and protests, the conditions were extremely harsh. In sector of economy, politics and society, China experienced an unprecedented downturn, which also allowed Deng to take control of the government. Although Deng and Mao were from the same Communist Party, their construction of Chinese socialism mostly differed in terms of ideological aspect and implementation aspect. Ideologically, there was huge disparity between Deng’s thoughts and vision and Mao’s. Firstly, in development of Communism in China, Mao aimed to keep China a pure Communist country as he believed that China was moving on the path to the ultimate utopia; conversely, Deng suggested the idea that China was still in early stage of Socialism, thus it should develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Secondly, their focus of development was different. Mao focused very much ideological molding and construction, while Deng preferred economic and technological advances and breakthroughs more. Thirdly, in trading and economic policy, Mao believed China could be self-sufficiency, thereby he preferred to be isolated from other countries. It was not the case for Deng, as he favored an open, more liberal economic policy which emphasized international trade and economic activities. Fourthly, they have varied ways to increase production. Mao used ideological motivation, such as slogans, campaigns and various mass mobilization schemes to call for support from public; Deng instead, preferred material incentive to raise the production level. Fifthly, in terms of social classes, Mao emphasized class struggle to wipe out those unwanted or backward groups of people so that China could achieve pure communism; however, Deng encouraged class unity in which different classes of people should live harmoniously with each other. From the above five aspects, we can see that the...
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