Compare/ Contrast Mexican & Russian Revolutions

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Compare/ Contrast Mexican & Russian Revolutions
Parallels may be drawn between the revolutionary movements in Mexico in 1910 and in Russia in 1917. In both Mexico and Russia, democratic rule was experimented with during the revolution. In Mexico it resulted in a democratic government, but communism ultimately prevailed in Russia. In both cases foreign involvement played a role. Mexico was trying to escape economic dependency on foreign investors and limited military involvement by the United States in the revolution had little impact, while in Russia foreign powers who favored a democratic rule of the country went so far as to send troops to undermine communist progress. Democracy was installed for a period of time in both Mexico and Russia during their revolutions with varied success. Mexico’s democracy has survived even to this day, while Russian democracy was short-lived and was eventually replaced by the Communist party. Mexico drove out their oppressive authoritarian ruler Porfirio Díaz and after a civil war and much political turmoil, a constitution was enacted and a democratic form of government was created in Mexico. Although it was dominated by one party, the system was not completely flawed. The structure of the party and the need to incorporate various interests within the government coalition, as well as the law requiring a single six-year term limited the power of personalist rule. Mexico’s democracy, while in some areas questionable, provided the political stability and reform the country needed and has survived to present day. Russia’s experiment with democracy only lasted 8 months. After the abdication of the tsar, a liberal provisional government attempted to enact needed reforms and gain support of the people. The liberal leaders held back from massive land reforms and wanted to stay in World War I in order to support Britain and France, but these were unpopular ideas. Russia’s people wanted instant change and out of the war....
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