Compare and Contrast the Russian and CHinese Revolutions

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Cold War Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: May 7, 2015
The Russian revolution in 1917 and Chinese revolution of 1911 were similar in that they both spread Communism and were different in what military strategies they used and how long they were. The Russian revolution in 1917 and Chinese revolution of 1911 were different in how long they lasted. The Chinese revolution lasted much longer than the Russian. The Chinese Revolution did not end until 1949. It was 28 years long while the Russian revolution was only about one year. This is because Russia had been ready for a revolution for a long time. There was a large difference in the social classes. Most of the time, it was the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. The aristocracy were intelligent and had the ability and time to discuss their problems. And the poor were just trying to find food. Most people thought Lenin would do a good job so they helped the Revolution. On the other hand, China was very different. There was a wide range of social classes. And the religion was very different. Some were the patriarcical reverence some were Confusist and some were Buddhist. This cause a split of ideals which was why the Chinese lasted so long. The Russian revolution in 1917 and Chinese revolution of 1911 were also different in what military strategies were used in the revolution. In Russia, the Bolshviks gained support because the wanted to withdraw from WW1. The Russians had many casualties so this was a very popular idea. The Bloshivk revolution is one of the main reasons the Russians stopped fighting in WW!. This cause Germany to lose an ally which affected the outcome of the war. In China, the Revolution gained support in the attack against Japan. The Japanese had been ruthless to China in attacks like the Rape of Nanking. They killed raped, and performed vivisections. The call for revenge united the soldiers. They also over threw The Goumendong which gave the peasants more power. The Russian revolution in 1917 and Chinese revolution of 1911 were similar...
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