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Assignment 2

This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to assess a range of client issues and refer appropriately. Students will have the opportunity to: Establish interpersonal relationship with client

Identify the range of issues impacting on the client and assess client needs Analyse and assess information to determine appropriate course of action to be followed Refer client to other services to provide coordinated support Review effectiveness of services provided to meet client needs What you have to do

This assignment has two (2) tasks
Task 1| Interview observation|
Task 2| Agency policies and procedures|

Students need to complete this assignment in a community services workplace. Task 1 - Interview Observation
Students need to observe an interview with a client in a workplace aimed at assessing and referring a client. The student will need to get permission from their supervisor to use the interview for the purposes of this assignment. Students need to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the client is maintained. Students need to submit a signed supervisor’s statement to verify their work. After the observation students need to answer the following questions:

1. Identify the presenting problem
2. Identify other issues impacting on the client
3. Identify the strategies used by the worker to:

a. Establish rapport
b. Make a holistic assessment
c. Maintain a client centred approach
d. Identify needs
e. Identify options and services to assist the client
f. Ensure the client made informed decisions

4. Discuss the effectiveness of the interview in terms of assessing the client issues and assessing for referral. 5. Identify how the agency evaluates its work with clients.

Task 2 - Agencies policies and procedures
Students need to locate the following three (3) policies from their workplace and briefly summarise each in their own...
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