Communist Ideology

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To What Extent Did Lenin Adhere To Communist Ideology In His Consolidation Of Power?

In this essay I will first explore how the Bolshevik party developed communism in Russia after their success in the Russian Revolution. I shall then revise if Lenin remained faithful to communist ideals, and if not, why.

To answer a question on communist ideology, it is crucial to define communism in its root forms. Marxism, the political belief from which communism is derived, is the political theory by Karl Marx in the mid-to-late 19th century, which calls for a classless society. It declares that capitalism in all its forms is destructive for a society, and that each individual should work for the government, therefore for the common good of all the society.

Vladimir Lenin took Marx’s theory and applied it to post-revolution Russia. After the October Revolution of 1917, Lenin introduced three political policies, that each imposed communist ideals on the country.

The Council of People’s Commissars (or Sovnarkom), created in November 1917, was the first step towards the political construction of the Soviet Union. The members were all Bolsheviks, and each one was part of Lenin’s elitist Vanguard party. Lenin was chairman, Alexei Rykov Commissar of the Interior and Leon Trotsky was appointed Commissar of Foreign Affairs. With this union, the Sovnarkom governed the territories the Bolsheviks controlled, and therefore applied communism as the political state.

It was a year later, in February 1918, when Lenin again enforced communist ideals on Russia. He secularized the country, banning religious teachings in the classroom. Between April and June, the state took ownership of banks, mineral resources, foreign trade and national industries, and outlawed the inheritance of property. A new constitution was formed on the 10th of July, 1918, and the state was re-named the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR). Based upon the ‘He who does not work, neither shall...
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