Communism VS Democracy

Topics: Capitalism, Communism, Market economy Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Fahad Sultan

ENG 111 (023N)

Communism VS Democracy
What is communism? It is the total interference; total control of the government, there is one government that controls everything, and it works through the central economy system. Property is owned by the state, businesses are owned by the state. A communism empire has no free market system, everything is dictated, workers are given fixed wages and are told what to make. Communist government has a government league that decides what needs to be build and how much. Every enterprise has quota to fulfill. These enterprises are never private, however the wealth is distributed equally to everyone, everyone is considered equal. So-called focus is on the progress of the community as a whole. Government provides health care and education, however it controls media and press. Freedom of speech does not exist. Basic ideology of a communist government is that people are equal and people need each other, when people work equally that is when greater things are achieved. No one should have more than another, everyone’s needs are equal and government should make sure that those needs are met. Communist governments have never been able to be successful because the economy falls; there is no incentive for the people to work. As no matter what quality of work people put in, good or bad, they are going to get paid as long as they are meeting their monthly or yearly quotas. Also the fact that everyone gets paid equally, and that enterprises are not owned privately allows no room for development or greater achievements. There is also the fact that every person has different needs or different degree of utility (happiness) hence everyone cannot be treated equally in terms of capitalism or wages. Democracy on the other hand is a system of government, which is lead by elected officials ant these officials are elected by the common people. In democracy all eligible citizens have equal say in the decisions. Even though all...
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