Communism- Genetically Unmodified

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“Veteran Naxal leader and one of the founders of the CPI(M-L) Kanu Sanyal was found hanging in his house at Sephtulajote village in Naxalbari on Tuesday where he worked among the peasants till his last”.That was on 23rd March,2010 Tuesday. The news exactly did not scream, but it slumbered in front page corner of all major print media abegging attention. What an inglorious end to a revolutionary? But to my petty bourgeois reactionary mind, the beginning to this sad end of him started in 1966. How and why?

A petty bourgeoisie’s wild thoughts –
I confess to be a petty bourgeoisie, who is neither a bourgeoisie nor a proletariat, and plead guilty in thinking like one and; may be granted of your clemency for this blasphemy.

- Human being ,natural
I believe that human being is

a) Gregarious by nature - Right from primitive age, he lived collectively. He, by and large, observes on his own will, rules of live and let-live to the extent needed for living collectively and to a minor extent for fear of law enforcement

b) free-willed and fiercely freedom loving – He loves to do as he wishes, to the extent society and circumstances permit him.He may strongly dislike if he has to do anything against his will,

c) centrally(core) selfish, - he works hard and harder by the main motivation of his and his family’s well being and better being. This ambition is fulfilled only when he can use the fruits of toil to his own advantage,

d) not alike one another, by design of the creator, in nature, skills, intellect and efficiency- This simply means, equal opportunities and resources may effect differently on different human beings. A phenomenon of natural inequalities resulting into social inequalities

e) has intellect and emotions- He will weigh each option in his own way and sometime, act by emotional forces flouting all rationales.

- Social Genetical Engg

Communism is revered with religious fervour and also hated to the extent of saying “better dead than red”. Like it or not, it influenced a considerable part of the world to design social and political interiors of many countries for almost three quarter of the last century and it continues its influence till date in a few pockets, at least as a habit hard to go. Today, we can view it from the end-point and pass comments. It is not just a political philosophy, but an arrogant and obstinate logical deduction and a resolute political statement as to what an ideal society should be.. It is too small a space and the writer is too insignificant a human being to venture for a clinical dissection of this dream project by the most profound wisdom of great many deep brains of the world. The idea is to find how unnatural it was to last for a long

Communism is a great exercise in genetical-engineering of the human nature .Old theories of Communism predates its existence to Marx and Engels , as ‘primitive communism’ in 16th and 17th centuries. However the main architects of this political theory to ‘genetically modify’ human being in some of the above listed basic characteristics of him, are Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.In 1847 Marx and Engels were commissioned by Communist League ( then platform for international communist working men) to script a common working paper for the communists of world over. Thus, in 1848 “Manifesto of the Communist Party” was born in German language as an ‘antithesis’ to Capitalism, in London, incidentally the citadel of Capitalist and Imperialist word Again incidentally Marx lived from 1849 till his end in 1883 in London, being a free-er and calmer place for free thinking people than Germany. His political thesis found its first real fructification posthumously in Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

The philosophical coinage ‘dialectical materialism’ which depicts reality of constant changes brought out by the tension of conflicting ideas, capitalism –socialism or classes,...
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