Communism and Animal Farm

Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, World War II Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: February 12, 2014
Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

George Orwell's Animal Farm was a novel published in England in 1945. The novel portrays a group of farm animals rebelling against their oppressive leader, strongly alluding to the Soviet Russian revolution and the rise of Josef Stalin. Orwell uses the novel to voice his negative opinion of the Soviet Russian government at the time, as well as his disdain for Marxist ideology. This novel created controversy in Britain at the time, as Soviet Russia and Britain were allied during World War II. The novel was also taken as a slap in the face by the Soviet Russian government, as it directly criticized their core beliefs. Animal Farm was written as an allegory because it could strain relations between Britain and the USSR, had the potential to produce a situation similar to the McCarthy era in the United States, and because Orwell wanted to keep his opinions on the Soviet Russian government discreet but still poignant.

Soviet Russia was a valiant, though dubious ally to the British people during WWII. The two governments contrasted greatly, so minor discrepancies were already existent in their interactions. This presented itself as a problem, as the Democracies and Constitutional Monarchies of the Western allies could co-operate with each other, while the distant totalitarian Soviet government could not. The novel had caused social controversy within the two countries, which, combined with the political arguments already happening, further shook the foundations of the alliance between the two nations.

During the 1950s in the US, there was a fear of Communism that stemmed from the anti-communist propaganda spread by Senator John McCarthy. Mocking Communism imprudently could easily rally people to take up arms against Communist sentiment. Radical thinkers, such as politicians, could develop a fear of Communism and begin a witch hunt much like the one that began in the United States. This would have ended poorly as it...
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