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Question 001.1.2

Explain how effective communications affect all aspects of own work?

Effective communications is important to my work as a childminder day and daily. It’ll start when a child comes into the setting in the morning. Parents will advise me if they’ve had any problems the night before, sickness, disturbed sleep etc, they will also advise me of any changes to the school collection times {if after school clubs are on}. It is also as important when the parent comes back to collect their child at the end of the day that I relay back any incidents, accidents, or just in general how productive the child’s day has been. It is also important to have effective communications with new parents, because I need a lot of information on the child/children, for example, names, addresses, telephone no., emergency contacts, medical conditions, immunisations, doctor, dentist, family background, likes, dislikes, routines, religious and culture backgrounds. This information is all obtained and recorded on paper, which is kept in my records for future references. I also have to sit down and discuss terms and conditions of my services and come to an agreement with parents. This information is then written onto a contract, which is then signed and dated, by both the parents and myself and we each obtain a copy for our own records. And finally effective communications is essential in my setting. When working with children it is important for them to understand me and me to understand them. This is done through effective communication, and by this I mean, I can tell how a child is feeling by it’s expressions and behaviour, the same way a child can understand what I am trying to say when I use eye contract and talk at their level, be consistent and use body language.
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