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Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit other

Who are others
* Not specifically about you – about others in general
* Others – people who use the service / people in your organisation team (manager, supervisor, people you work with alongside) / people in the wider multi disciplinary or multi professional team / people in your personal life

What is personal learning and development)
* Your journey to gain more skills and greater self awareness * Reflection
* Research
* Feedback
Self reflection
* Tools to help
* ‘I have watched and listened to others and thought about how I can improve and why this will help others’ * Performance appraisal process which is Review – plan – develop – perform – assess – review – plan – etc * The Johari window

* Known to others and known to self – open
* Known to others but not known to self – blind
* Not known to others but known to self – hidden
* Not known to others and not known to self – unknown * A theory which helps you to understand the importance of reflecting on feedback Do I really know myself that well
* I only know half there is to know about myself. I portray an image which I have learnt is me (till today) * And
* Half of that I try to hide from other people because I think they wont like it or because it makes me feel vulnerable * I do something or learn about it – wow I can do it well (or even better) or understand it – then I realise there is more to learn if I want others to have the best I can offer – I use my observations / self reflections / feedback from others / own research – to improve How does listening and responding to verbal and non-verbal feedback benefit others in your professional and indeed personal life * You can make yourself better at something (develop)

* Helps you build trust
* Meets needs if you listen to what they are saying
* ‘potholes’ of always responding to feedback...
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