College essay for any student hoping to become a shark biologist

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College essay for a student hoping to become a marine biologist

Sharks have been sharks for 409 million years. That is to say, they haven’t changed, not one bit. The same species that terrifies surfers and sunbathers around the world, was hunting reptiles that have been extinct for ages. You can look at this one of two ways: either sharks are one of the most primitive animals on the planet, or sharks are a perfectly evolved species that have found and maintained an important place in the world’s ecosystem. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have believed the second explanation. Sharks are important. If we aren’t careful, sharks are going to be extinct.

I appreciate school. I understand why it is important. If we are going to be successful at anything, we have to have a foundation that includes a little bit of everything. I take my classes and realize that I know a lot more now than I did just three years ago. I just wish that what we study now can be connected more to the outside world. I want to understand how its all useful to my interest in working with sharks.

I have done everything I can to supplement what I am learning in high school with information specific to sharks. When I took biology, I learned about cell function and applied it to sharks. When I took chemistry, I read about organic molecules. I admit that some of the readings were over my head, but that didn’t intimidate me. I read the articles until I understood them. I learned more when I applied what I was learning to something I care about than when I just memorized facts and information for a test. This extra research I did on my own has been the basis of my decision to study so diligently at the next level of my education: college.

The primary appeal of college is that I can finally learn about sharks with the structure and guidance that only a university can provide. It’s one thing to watch Shark Week or read several articles about sharks. It’s far more satisfying to learn from...
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