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The Decision Making Process

As a senior, the decision on whether or not you want to go to college comes out being the hardest decision some students make. I have made the decision that I want to go to college. Going to college will get me where I want to be. Not only that, but it will further my education. The decision that I need to make is whether or not I want to play volleyball in college or not. Colleges have given me several opportunities to do this. However, it just comes down to me making the decision. Not only just a decision, but the right decision. This decision will have an affect on several different things throughout the rest of your pathway. This is why it is important to make the right decision.

When you make your decision this way, you think it out before you make your final decision. Two ways to make a decision include rational and emotional. When you make a rational decision, you think it through and when you make an emotional decision, you just up and decide without thinking it through. Seven steps will lead to a smart and successful decision. First, you must define your problem. Next you will gather information, which becomes an important step. Third, you will identify your choices. Fourth, identify advantages and disadvantages of each choice. This will also be a big part of your decision-making. Fifth, you will finally make a decision. The sixth step, making a plan to get there. Last but not lease, you will evaluate your decision.

Define Your Problem
I have made the choice that I want to attend college after I graduate from high school. The problem that I have comes down to whether or not I want to play volleyball in college or not. I have loved playing volleyball ever since I started when I was little. I would love to continue to keep playing after high school. The only thing that stumps me is the fact that once you join...

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