Topics: Optimism, Knowledge, Pessimism Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: January 27, 2013
The glass is half empty and always will be, and that is how I view my life.  Despite this, I am by no means a pessimist. Anyone that knows me, or has even come into contact with me would instinctively categorize me as an optimist, and an extreme one at that.  So then how does this make any sense?  Well, I believe the glass should never be seen as half full; full should never be used to describe one’s life in any way.  Full would imply that there is no room for anything else to be added and no room for growth, but there is just too much this world has to offer to ever feel even close to “full.”  I view a glass half full as meaning that you’re almost at the end, and then that’s it; you have nothing more to gain or experience, and therefore nothing more to work for.  Half empty glasses allow you to have the opportunity to gain more; the gift of possibilities.  Emptiness allows room for a healthy greed that grows into goals; for real drive and determination.  My glass’s empty space forces me to constantly strive for more, to crave more.  This is especially true for me in the aspect of learning.  It’s something that occurs every day to everyone, and yet we tend to under appreciate the true greatness of the power of learning.  There is always more out there just waiting to be discovered, explored, utilized, and conquer, and I intend to never see my glass as too full to stop filling it with that which I don’t even know exists yet. I was born with a curiosity George would envy; a need to learn as much as I could about as much as I could.  This dubbed me the nickname “FBI agent” from my mother because of the magnitude of the questions I’d ask.  My love of learning sculpted me into a kid that loves school and walks around with a backpack that could easily contribute to a scoliosis problem.  Although this longing for knowledge has always been with me, my true desire of learning came to me in second grade when my health teacher, Miss Alternative, was teaching the class about...
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