Cognitive Observation

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Cognition Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 25, 2015

Child’s first name: ______________LaMyaGamble________Child’s age __5_______ Date: _____10/13/2014___________ Time: ____5:19____ to ___5:56____ Setting: ______________Home____________ Focus on __Cognitive/Language______ _______ developmental domain

What did I actually see the child doing?
Which performance indicator does this observation demonstrate? (Use the Bright from the Start or GPS weblinks) REFLECTIONS/ INTERPRETATIONS
From your factual data, how did the child demonstrate this indicator? What is the meaning of this experience for this CHILD?
Why do you think this information is meaningful and relevant? NEXT STEPS
Describe what you can do as the child’s teacher to support development for this individual child in this domain.

LaMya is doodling with a pen on paper that’s given to her. She says “Uncle Raymond, I can write my name.” After she’s given the go ahead to do so, she writes her name in big letters and then begins to doodle smiley faces and different shapes. She’s doodling for three minutes until a show she’s familiar with begins. As the show opens she sings along to the theme song. She knows almost the entire song, only mis-pronouncing a few words she has trouble with due to the speed of the song. The program begins and as a result LaMya has put the pen down and has turned her full attention on the screen.

CD-CP2.4b Uses observation and imitation to transfer knowledge to new experiences.

CD-CP2.4e Explains how an activity is built on or uses past knowledge.

LaMya is using a writing tool and informs that she knows how to write her name. She then proceeds to, and executes what she has learned in a prior experience.

As with the writing of her name, LaMya uses a past experience of hearing the song to the program and begins to sing-a-long. She’s remembered the words enough that she can now sing with the...
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