Cognition and Consumer Buying Decision

Topics: Cognition, Decision making, Decision making software Pages: 3 (408 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Ahsan Mithani
Case Study #1

1. What are the steps in the Consumer Decision Making Process?

Fanny Perreau in The 5 Stages of Consumer Buying Decision Process, explains ‘the 5 stages of Consumer Buying Decision Process that guide shoppers in their decision and purchase process when buying a product.” (2013) These 5 stages include: ‘Need Recognition/Problem Recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase Decisions, Post-Purchase Behavior.     In this specific study, the consumer looks at what values they are looking for and finding the right balance of what the consumer wants without losing other qualities at a specific price point.

2. Have you made a major purchase recently?  What type?

I recently purchased a dog.

3.  Did you follow the decision making process?

No, because I received him as a present, but am spending a lot of money on him now.

1. What SUV do you think you would want to buy? Now let’s see how the following criteria shape your choice.

The BW X3.

2. If you were to choose from these brands, what attribute would you find least important? Eliminate that column.

Front Seat Comfort.

3. Which brand of SUV seems riskiest to buy? Eliminate it.

Hummer, being that there are so many unanswered questions and that it is the most important as well.

4. Let’s say you weren’t planning on shelling out a lot of cash. Which cars would you eliminate at this stage?

Hummer H2.
5. Through this process of elimination, an attribute has become unimportant because it no longer distinguishes between the remaining brands. Eliminate that column.

Owner Satisfaction.

6. If you were risk-avoidant, you’d worry about which brand? Eliminate it.

Hummer H2.

7. How would your final brand choice define you?
A lot by how people perceive the car brand.

Which of these steps wouldn’t have concerned you?
The price, because I wouldn’t look at a car out of my price range, in the first place....
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