co-curricular activities visual academic performance

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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Students not only need to score in their academic, we also need to active in co-curricular activities. When students get both of them, they physical and mental health is healthy would be better. Active in co-curricular activities is out-of-class activity where students participate in any outdoor activities involving camps, societies and so forth. Co-curricular activities are voluntary, and they are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded and do not part of earn credits. Moreover, co-curricular activities can make students obtain experiences. On the other hand academic performance is students who are focus on their studies in order to improve their knowledge as well as gain a high score. However, certificate can help students to get a stable job and status as well as high salary in the future. A graduate who was focus on academic performance will increase the person’s self-value and standard in this realty social and increase the trust of ability from other people. There are several differences between active in co-curricular activities differs from focus on academic performance, in term of activities, training as well as different types of knowledge.

Furthermore, there are several differences in the type of activities these students involve by being active in co-curricular as well as in academic performance. Students who love socializing will be active in co-curricular activities, and they will participate the in all kinds of activities involving society, outdoor, and sports. These students like to communicate with other people often, and they can improve their self-confidence as well as comprehend other cultures and religious faiths. In addition, students who participate in the co-curricular activities enjoy good social network and build a strong relationship with other people. On the other hand, students who love reading will focus on their academic performance, but they might ignore their...
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