Clinical Decision Support System

Topics: Decision support system, Decision theory, Knowledge engineering Pages: 14 (4738 words) Published: July 20, 2013
Clinical decision-support systems (CDSS) apply best-known medical knowledge to patient data for the purpose of generating case-specific decision-support advice. CDSS forms the cornerstone of health informatics research and practice. It is an embedded concept in almost all major clinical information systems and plays an instrumental role in helping health care achieve its ultimate goal: providing high quality patient care while, at the same time, assuring patient safety and reducing costs. This computer based systems designed to impact clinician decision making about individual patients at the point in time that these decisions are made. If used properly, CDSS have the potential to change the way medicine has been taught and practiced. The clinical decision support systems, summarize current data on the use and impact of clinical decision support systems in practice, and will provide guidelines for users to consider as these systems begin to be incorporated in commercial systems, and implemented outside the research and development settings. The discussion also includes the key technological considerations of CDSS and the barriers inhibiting its widespread adoption and effective use. Purpose of the Report (Objective):

The objective of this paper "Clinical Decision-Support Systems” (CDSS) is to determine the importance of computerization in healthcare industry and how computerization helps this industry to improve the training, patient satisfaction, improve the quality of care, implement evidence based medical research, and minimize medication errors, and how this will help the practice for better performance and patients comfort. To evaluate the acquisition for Clinical decision-support system initiative, organizations should evaluate key practice used by the organization against best practices. The main purpose of modern CDSS is to assist clinicians at the point of care. Scientifically based clinical guidelines have become increasingly used to educate physicians and improve quality of care. While individual guidelines are potentially useful, repeated studies have shown that guidelines are ineffective in changing physician behavior. The Internet has evolved as a potentially useful tool for guideline education, dissemination, and implementation because of its open standards and its ability to provide concise, relevant clinical information at the location and time of need. My main objective is to identify the challenges and barriers to building and using CDSSs, discuss legal and regulatory considerations related to the distribution of CDSSs and describe current initiatives that will impact the future and effectiveness of CDSSs. Background of the Topic

The Clinical decision support system, a special subcategory of clinical information systems that is designed to help healthcare providers make knowledge-based clinical decisions. This more advanced clinical information systems generally include decision support capabilities. CDSS assist healthcare providers in the actual diagnosis and treatment of patients. CDS System integrate data from a number of systems to assist with charting, CPOE, and indentifying drug contraindications. The CDSS is able to use this because of the use of alerts or reminders (LaTour and Eichenwald-Maki 2010).These message can be triggered by an information system to notify the healthcare provider of information required to provide quality care (Amatayakul 2009). Reminders notify the healthcare provider of tests or other bits of information necessary for the healthcare provider to provide quality care. These alerts or reminders can perform a wide rage of functions, from indicating potential drug interactions to recommending a plan of care based on patient's health history and clinical assessment. A brief history of clinical decision support systems

Started in the 1960s, the initial objective of introducing computers into medical practice was very clear: to provide doctors with decision...
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