Climatic Change

Topics: Earth, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: August 5, 2013
If you are searching for argument research essay topics, consider climate change as a possible focus for your paper. The frequency and severity of recent storms are attributed by many to such changes. Climate change is a matter that is debated the world over, from the highest government offices to political campaigns and from college campuses to scientific symposiums. People tend to feel strongly about whether or not it really exists and the cause for it if it does. You can certainly find a wealth of information on the subject if you choose to write about it. Nay-sayers

Many experts do not believe climate change is really an issue. They think that there are climate cycles that occur throughout the history of the world, and that the earth is now simply in a warmer cycle. They do not dispute that temperatures are a little higher right now; they simply assert that climate change is a natural phenomenon. Greenhouse effect

Other scientists subscribe to the theory that global warming of the earth is taking place due to something called the greenhouse effect. According to this hypothesis, carbon dioxide is released into the air by the burning of fossil fuels and is trapped in the atmosphere, causing a rise in temperatures. If you agree with this theory, then you place responsibility on people and their life-styles for the warming trend and believe that action should be taken to slow down this trend.

Disturbances of nature
Another possible reason offered for climate change is the destruction of forests, the building of cities and otherwise disturbing the balance of nature. The more urbanized an area becomes, the warmer it is. Subscribers to this theory consider the possibility that even the trails from jets can add to warmer temperatures. They believe generally that the more nature is upset, the more the earth reacts in such ways as changes in climate. Actions to take

If you take the side of climate change as part of a natural cycle of the earth, then you do not...
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