Climate Change Proposal

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Methane Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Climate Change Proposal

Dear politician:
I am writing to you because of our environment and how important it is to conserve for our environment especially because it will help to provide a brighter future that is not for just us as human beings but to all living life forms on this planet, it is past time for all of us individuals to start changing our ways of life, to start such things as burning less coal and oil in order to help reduce and hopefully eventually help to eliminate the human carbon footprint on our planet. Human carbon footprints are caused by the releases of carbon dioxide and another gas called methane gas into the earth’s atmosphere and it causes the earth to warm much faster than it has in past years. These faster rising temperatures of the earth have caused some very severe effects on the climate change and now the climate change is being observed around the world by not just scientist but by all of us. All of the sea levels are rising at a fast pace because of how fast the ice glaciers are melting, the arctic sea ice is melting, permafrost and expansion of warmer seawater, that is also causing serious threats for all sea creatures and which also includes the death of the world’s coral reefs. The warmer climate change can also be held responsible for the extreme droughts that have been happening that causes a higher evaporation rate which then leads to a heavier rainfall in some areas of the world and causes flooding in others as well as it effecting the world’s crops because it causes withering and decline in our food production which then means a food shortage for many if not all communities. What I have noticed from former elections is that the problem with the climate change has fallen through the cracks and this is something that us the really care about. This all happened because of the lack thereof data available and the different opinions that scientists have had in the past, but now it has become very clear to people that it...

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