Climate Change Due to Global Warming and Its Effect in Metro Manila

Topics: Climate change, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 12 (4149 words) Published: May 22, 2012


A Research Paper Presented to

Prof. Edna P. Cortez

Mapua Institute of Technology

In partial fulfilment

Of the requirements in

English for Academic Purposes 2



Norman P. Laña

Patrick Henry R. Espiritu

Arjel Job C. Francisco

Carlo Angelo Hina

December 2009

I. Introduction3
1. Global Warming due to Greenhouse gases makes Metro Manila’s climate uncomfortable to live in II. Body7
2.1 The beginning of Climate Change is inevitable.
2.1.1 Global warming has begun thousands of years ago, according to; in fact the first theory of global warming just came to us on the year 1824. Several scientists estimated that 15,000 and 30,000 years ago the Earth was covered by large sheets of ice and these years were believed to be “Ice Age”. The Earths’ temperature began to rise 7,000 years ago, the Ice Age came to and end. 2.2 There are disasters due to Climate Change.

2.2.1 Large reductions in the Greenland and West Antarctic Ice Sheets, accelerated global warming due to carbon cycle feedbacks in the terrestrial biosphere, and releases of terrestrial carbon from permafrost regions and methane from hydrates in coastal sediments are accelerating. The melting of ice sheets may open new paths for transportation but it may also cover a lot of small nations, which are the developing countries. 2.2.2 Global warming may bring other effects such as global cooling, melting of poles and abnormal natural phenomena. Any country can not develop if these problems are preventing the development.

2.3 There are effects of Climate Change in Metro Manila 2.3.1 Recently, a typhoon came in the Philippines known as typhoon Ondoy. It is a devastating typhoon leaving many dead people and destroyed many properties. 2.4 Here are ways to prevent calamities and the growing of Climate Change. 2.4.1 Proper disposal of wastes and proper segregations is only one of the ways to prevent these calamities to grow and develop against our cause. III. Conclusion13

The researchers may acknowledge the different disasters that came in different countries also we can be aware of what may happen to Metro Manila. We can be able to avoid such disasters by coming up or following such projects made by the government. Illegalizing what is meant to be right is not the idea of stopping/ preventing Global Warming, it just gives us the idea how to save our own skins. First of all the researchers need to know what Global Warming is about and the reason to know this is for your concern also so that you would be aware what the issues were, way back then up to now. To prove that Metro Manila was affected, here are some authors that had taken study about Global Warming or Climate Change: from Dr, Herminia Francisco, the director of the Economy and the Environment Program for Southeast Asia and Dr. Ariel Yusuf Anshory who mad the book “ Climate Change Vulnerability in Southeast Asia.” On their study they came up with what it called the New Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Map, where Philippines was identified with 13 other provinces as “climate hot spots,” but Francisco restated that “This may not be the perfect map.” Francisco is hoping that this would bring people together to come up with effective adaptation programs to climate change. When the survey came out it was founded that Metro Manila came to be 7th from what had Dr. Francisco came to conclusion. Let this be a warning to us and to what had happened on September 26, 2009 may it be a memorable trauma to all of us that Metro Manila was flooded. Not only Dr Francisco, a scientist, came up with this conclusion but also other researchers was able to find out that our globe is already heating dramatically and this may be called Climate Change and the...

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