Climate Change and the Burning of Fossil Fuels

Topics: Earth, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: March 26, 2014
The debt over burning fossil fuels and the impact it has caused on climate change as been discussed over years without answer as to say if the gradual warming of the earth is a natural process or if human activity has added to the acceleration of climate change or is the key behind it. Evidence of this is the hockey stick debt as temperature rise rapidly once humans became developed. One thing we do know is that there are many natural events that possibly could accelerate global warming but also many human factors to. Thus making climate change hard to blame on human activities like burning fossil fuels and or nature. The burning of fossil fuels must have an effect on climate change as it realises CO2, everyday human activity like using cars added co2 into the atmosphere along with industry, this vast adding of CO2 causes the enhanced green house effect. The enhanced green house effect is when the suns long wave radiation gets trapped in the atmosphere as a ‘bubble’ around the earth of green house gases (including CO2) is reflecting back the radiation as it tries to escape into space once its been reflected. This trapping of the suns radiation warms up the atmosphere as the heat can’t escape. Although this process has been happening for years naturally there is evidence since the 1900 there has been a gradual increase in CO2 levels, more then likely from human activity as 10,000 years ago there used to be a stable level of green house gas particles in the air but now is at 380PPM. This would explain the general warming of the planet which has caused the ice caps to melt, if its truly only human activity that has caused climate change then the knock on effect of melting ice caps which is cooling the seas also has a effect on the climate as areas like the UK which receive warmer ocean currents from America which stops the UK from being a tundra like climate would end up becoming a tundra region, this could be one of the causes of the UK recently having some of...
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