Climate Change and Media

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Climate Change and Media
Issues Essay

Global Climate Change3
Australia’s Action: A price on carbon5
What is the Carbon Tax?5
Australian Politics6
Public Response6
Media Coverage7
Responsibility & Truth7
Our Options?8




Is the world facing a threat that could devastate the human population? Taxes, earthquakes, rising electricity bills and extreme weather patterns are just a few of the horrifying things waiting for the next generation.

Climate change is constantly being moderated and analyzed by scientific organizations and companies throughout the world. CSIRO scientists are always investigating and evaluating the global issue our Earth currently has. They provide a “comprehensive, rigorous science to help Australia understand, respond to and plan for a changing climate” (CSIRO, 2010). Media coverage of climate change is a significant contributor to the public opinion of climate change. They are a very influential power and can change the minds of millions at will. We must understand for ourselves whether or not climate change is factual, and go behind the scenes of our media to know the truth they could be twisting before it reaches our eyes. A heated debate regarding global warming and climate change has some people up in arms. There are many who believe governments are controlling the media and coercing the public on the issue of climate change (Plovnik, 2010). Julia Gillard’s government is implementing the tax on carbon, commencing in July 2012, which will aim at reducing Australia’s carbon emissions. The public response to this tax is negative; people do not want to pay a tax to breathe in their own country. There are several misconceptions regarding the mining tax though. Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition in Australian politics today, is fighting fiercely to take back his role as Prime Minister. He is supporting and feeding the negative response to the carbon tax, in order to win the people to his side. Abbott is calling for polls and promising the elimination of the Carbon Tax after he gains power once more. This fight is tearing the structure of the Australian government apart.



Global warming is an urgent issue today. Hurricanes in New Orleans and earthquakes in Haiti are just a two of the devastating environmental disasters that have fallen upon is in the last decade. Tsunamis have wiped out islands and coastlines around the world, fresh water icebergs in Antarctica are melting and the number of hot days in a year has been gradually increasing.

On their webpage, CSIRO (2009) scientists explain, “Since 1950, eastern and southwestern Australia has become significantly drier.”
The sporadic and catastrophic natural disasters may become more frequent as our earth warms up and human existence seems to be helping in our own destruction (CSIRO, 2009).


The words ‘greenhouse gases’ are often mentioned- but what does it all mean? Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are several of the culprits. Carbon dioxide comes from burning fossil fuels, trees, and solid waste and from the manufacturing of certain products. CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere by plants and trees. When people cut down forests, we are feeding our own demise. Methane comes from the transportation and manufacturing of coal, natural gas, and oil. It also is emitted from livestock and organic waste. Nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and solid waste. It is also emitted during agricultural and industrial actions (EPA, 2011).


Is climate change true? There are some skeptics out there who wonder...

References: Nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and solid waste. It is also emitted during agricultural and industrial actions (EPA, 2011).
What is the Carbon Tax?
The Carbon Tax is a tax that will be implemented on all states of Australia as of July 2012 to fund a scheme that will aim to reduce carbon emissions (Wikipedia, 2011)
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