Climate Change and Environmental Management Readings

Topics: Climate change, Case study, Environment Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: March 4, 2013
oursework Assignment 1
We have put together 9 sets of readings, focusing on different topics covered in the module. These are listed below. Each of you must chose ONE set of readings, and then base your assignment on them. You may choose whichever set you like. I have tried to include some of interest to geography, hazards and environmental students. I have included the references to the readings. Some are available on the web, or on Peter Garside's section of blackboard for this module. Some are available in books, or in journals. If you are using a reading found in a book, please make a photocopy and return the book as soon as possible, so that all students have a chance to gain access to it. You should be able to access the journals through the LRC’s e-journals system and using Athens passwords. This will only be possibly from Kingston university computers, not from home. If you have difficulty, ask library staff for help. POST notes can be accessed from any internet connection. Type in: and then search for the post note by its year of publication, number and title. Once you have chosen your readings, you should read them carefully, and then prepare an essay which compares and contrasts what they say. In your summary, you should identify the key arguments each paper is making. You should then write about how the arguments are linked (do they refer to the same topic, do they argue different sides of an argument, can they be linked as they all relate to a wider debate?). Essentially this is a compare and contrast exercise. Use Harvard style referencing when referring to the readings.  Max word length 1500. Therefore be clear about what you are saying!   

Pick one of the following groups of readings.
Group A. – social and political
  Rees, J. 1991 Equity and environmental policy. Geography, 76,(4) 292-303 or reprinted as Chapter 34 in Owen, L and Unwin, T. (Eds) 1997 Environmental Management...
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