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This term paper wants to unveil mysteries of the world on the challenge of survival and existence and on its battle on climate change. In particular, this will provide the future readers some recent information on the earth’s condition as it is continuously affected by climate change. Included in this paper are the overviews from the different resources on what is really climate change; its causes, effects, and preventive ways to reduce the effect of earthly change.


The researchers would like to extend their profound gratitude to those who have lent helped emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually to make this requirement a success. To our parents, for the financial and emotional support given to us, who never get tired of sending us to school, and for extending their patience and understanding in times of our needs and lapses. Our dear friends, and classmates for the guidance and held extended to make this output clearer to us. Ever supportive Ms. Casenas, for her undying help in encoding, and proofreadingour work, a million thanks to you. For sure, this work wouldn’t be possible without your support. Above all, thanks to our Almighty God for his providence and enlightenment to make this output pushed through. The above mentioned are believed to be nothing if it isn’t part of your will and acceptance to our move. Thanks Lord for the guidance and unconditional love you’ve shown to humanity.

Just recently, our country was ravaged unexpectedly by a super Typhoon Yolanda and still now many are crossing brows why it so happened and why it became a pandemonium to the affected victims. In fact, our region was greatly affected by this torment. The natural phenomenon that we have expected turned everything into a nightmare that nobody had ever dreamt. People were left homeless, and in famine. Victims of the said occurrence scattered in an open field, buildings and facilities collapsed and were made disabled. Why? The only word we could only utter after all what we had experienced. Have we not thought of blaming ourselves? Our fast changing world which before so barren now turned to be so modernized? Have we not observed the activities we were doing before those pandemoniums came and tore almost everything into pieces? Isn’t it because of climatic change that our world experienced producing no longer ordinary typhoon but a super one that we used to have lately, turning a usual winter season into snow storm killing lives frozen. With these unexpectancies, people must be equipped with much information on the earth’s condition for everyone to prepare and be aware of the upcoming natural phenomena to occur in the future. So as part of the subject requirement, the researchers decided to unveil everything on what is really climate change to give each reader the chance to be informed since this presents the real situation of the world that we are living with. TOPIC OUTLINE

1.1 definition and terminology

1.2 problem presentation

1.3 causes of climate change
1.3.1 internal forcing mechanisms ocean variability life
1.3.2. external forcing mechanisms human influences solar output orbital variations volcanism continental drift

1.4. physical evidence
1.4.1. temprerature and measurements
1.4.2. historical and archaeological evidence
1.4.3. ocean level rise
1.4.4. glaciers
1.4.5. arctic sea-ice loss
1.4.6. vegetation

1.5. effects of climate change
1.5.1. key vulnerabilities
1.5.2. health
1.5.3. security
1.5.4. migration
1.5.5. environment
1.5.6. energy sector
1.5.7. house settlement
1.5.8. energy sector

1.6. suggestion(ways of preventing climate change)

(causes, effects,and evidences)


Definition/ Terminology
Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical...

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