Climate Change

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A sustainable event issue,


Climate change could put entire ecosystems in danger. The changes include weather patterns, the oceans, ice, snow, and ecosystems. People’s activities are the main cause for earth’s climate changing.

Climate change affects both indoor and outdoor event planning. These types of events rely on specific locations and venues. Unpredictable weather can cause problems to both indoor and outdoor events. For indoor Offshore wind farm. events, if the weather is bad enough to make Google Images traffic difficult, people might just not show up because of this climate change. For outdoor events, event planners might not be prepared for unpredictable weather, therefore the event could go downhill really fast due to not a lot of guests showing up and/or causing the guests being in poor weather conditions. Some of the ways that events contribute to climate change includes electricity, heating and air conditioning, ground transportation, air travel, paper and other materials. Nowadays, event planners are recognizing that events do not have to have that big of a climate impact, and can become low-carbon or carbon neutral. Going carbon neutral by purchasing carbon offsets is an affordable and doable way to do something about those remaining emissions, and solve the problem of climate change. Buying high quality carbon offsets from projects such as wind farms and solar panels help it transit to a sustainable energy economy. Renewable energy projects can create high quality carbon offsets. They avoid emissions from burning fossil fuels, which is the largest contributor to global warming, Many companies and organizations are going carbon neutral, and here are some examples below:

Athletes and major sporting events such as the World Cup Soccer Airlines and travel agents offer customers to offset their flights Companies like Google and HSBC are making their entire operations carbon neutral Many hotels are providing carbon...
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