Climate Change

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Sarah Hickey Climate Change Essay May 7, 2012

Climate Change has a great effect on how the world works. As the population of the world grows so does the technology used and the pollution given out by the modern world’s new tools and ways of life. People say they couldn’t live without some of this technology like cars and oil, but what if it would mean the whole planet will have to pay for it all in the future?

Before watching the documentary I knew that pollution was taking a huge toll on the planet’s climate. Oil spills, deforestation, garbage pollution, traffic ruining the air, over the years we’ve seen it all on the nightly news describing how we are destroying our world with all this unnecessary pollution. Just last year there was an awful oil spill in the USA that destroyed a lot of beach and wildlife in the surrounding area. People seem to easily forget all the bad in the world after it isn’t in the news anymore. The planet’s temperature is rising to the point where the polar ice caps are beginning to melt away. This is a big deal for all life there, because they will eventually lose their natural habitats and become extinct.

I never thought about how politically driven Global Warming is, scientists are getting paid a lot of money to write reports about the effects Global Warming is having on the world weather or not it is true or false. The common belief is that the rise of CO² is the cause of climate change but according to the movie, the CO² is actually fallowing the rise in temperature not causing it. By digging deep into the arctic ice, scientists have found that the temperature has been rising and falling for centuries. Scientists have found that in the medieval times there was a very big rise in the temperature called “The Medieval Warm Period”. Polar bears and other arctic animals (not to mention humans) all survived this period up to modern day, so why...
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