Classic novels

Topics: Marriage, Working class, Literature Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: December 15, 2013
What can ‘classic’ books tell us about our history & culture? A classic book is a well-known book that is passed down generations and is usually, a classic will hold a depth that no one can hope to understand. Classic books create a strong statement towards history and culture, that still holds truth even long after. These books transcend the basic notions of a good book. A classic book has characteristics and themes that people enjoy reading even years from its original publishing. Classic books give us more knowledge about history and what it was like to live in the time period certain books are written in. They make us more aware about how time periods in history differentiate from the time period now. They give us knowledge by using a tale to explain to the reader what people did and how they were treated in history. Classic books explain just exactly how everything was, from society to politics. Classic books tell us about culture because they explain how people were told and expected to inherit things from family such as; whom you get married to; what job you have for a living; what type of class family you come from whether that would be upper or lower class. These timeless novels show how culture affected society too, considering whom they talked to, how they talked, where they stayed compared to a lower class persons culture. An example of a classic book is ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. This novel shows how culture affects society and how we act and think. It affects society and culture because Catherine knows she cannot get married to Heathcliff (lower class). She marries into a more wealthy family instead to increase Heathcliff’s status in society; this would be a way of her marrying Heathcliff. As Catherine’s culture is living in a wealthy family it tells us that, if you came from a wealthy family you were expected to marry into another upper class wealthy family. The novel tells us of history by explaining how lower class people (Heathcliff)...
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