Class Boycott in Hong Kong

Topics: Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Communist state Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Class boycott in Hong Kong Arouses International Attention

A weeklong class boycott that was launched by the Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism on Monday has aroused international attention. Over six foreign press, including the BBC and The New York Times report the event, and some have paid attention to the democratic process of Hong Kong since April this year.

On Monday, more than six foreign presses reported details of the class boycott with at least one page. The New York Times, the guardian and Bloomberg also included the meeting of business executives and Chinese president Xi Jinping, the circumstance of the democracy in Hong Kong as well as opinions from different stakeholders in the article with three pages in total.

The New York Times had started to discuss the protection of Hong Kong's autonomy covering universal suffrage and press freedom early in the April. Besides, in September, The Economist not only talked about the democracy and commented on "Occupy Central with Love and Peace", but also mentioned Hong Kong should boycott in the future, which has already been launched. Financial Times stated that Britain too has treaty obligations to and should comment on Beijing's plan towards the development of Hong Kong.

Gary Tang, a social scientist studying Hong Kong politics explained that democracy is a big issue for the Euro, America and British; especially that Hong Kong is an important city in the world, changes in the institution could affect the global operation of finance, transportation, tourism and other aspects. Meanwhile, he said one of the reasons that people persisted in launching the protest, knowing it may not change anything was it could at least set an example for the Mainland. The guardian approved his thought with similar view that the democracy in Hong Kong and Macau could spread to cities on the mainland, threatening the Communist party's grip on power, that is why Beijing is on guard against the information....
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