Civil Service Examination Reviewer for Android

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A Civil Service Examination Reviewer (CSER) is an android application or a reviewer game consists of various Civil Service Examination related questions preferably intended for those who will take or willing to take the Civil Examination at the same time for those who want to gain practical knowledge. The application is in a form of game that surely more innovative and enhanced kind of reviewing, it initiates your study habit into more portable, enjoyable and entertaining. The user will appreciate the game since its focus is to deliver knowledge which is most liked. It was planned as a partial solution to the clamor of all examinees throughout the country to them comprehensive and very practical gain to be their edge in foregoing search of job. The application works on android phones and this make it more unique and effective as a review material, doing this anytime and anywhere gives an advantage to have more probability of knowledge augment. The group studied and examined the difficulties of the examinees and one of the big cause is reviewing of past topic present on the examination, turning books leaf by leaf is little bit stressing and laziness, you can’t even do this while walking or having a trip going to your school or work. The manifested concern of the group lead them to faithfully and diligently discuss the weaknesses noted by the examinees and look for a good and essential factor that may solve this problem and these were the focus of improvement.

Background of the Study

The main concern of this study is to provide user an android the application that is certainly enjoyable, entertaining and knowledgeable. The intended target users are Civil Service Examinees to have a reviewer present portably on their android phones. No more book weights and Portable Data Format hand-outs. They don’t even need to intent a time just to have a proper review, reading and answering the questions repeatedly gives an extensive...
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