Choice And Hard Decisions

Topics: Decision making, Mind, Choice Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: March 20, 2015
Difficult Decisions
Through the centuries we live in a world that’s filled with difficult decisions where people make hard decisions every day that can affected someone in some way. I have learned through my experience in life, once make a decision it can affected the people that you love. Throughout my teenager’s years, I have faced many difficult decisions that I had to made, since I never had the support of my parents and family. This made my whole life so much harder because I had to make my own decision without their help. It all began when I was twelve years old I started too realized that a bad decision can change your life forever. My poor judgment almost ended me in jail, which could destroy my whole family, thanks to God I found there more to life them doing bad things in life. As a teenager I always wanted to play soccer no matter what. Since I was a little kid, soccer has been the sport of my choice and passion of my. It is the love of my life. I loved everything about it from the sweet smell of the grass to that exiting feeling of scoring a goal. I grew up in a family that lived, breathed, and played sports. My father played baseball when he was younger in Mexico. I guess that’s the reason why I love soccer so much and why it’s so important to me. My father never gives me advices when I was playing soccer during my teenager’s years. Even through, for a period of time I started to take my own decision about my young soccer career. I felt like I had the sufficient knowledge on making my own decision for myself as a teenager. In that period of time that I played soccer, one day I decided to stop playing soccer. During that time that I stop playing soccer, I started to realize we has people managed to turn even difficult choices, picking a shampoo into a tortured mental task; for instance a supermarket has more than three hundred different shampoos. Should I choose a shampoo based on a chemical that makes my hair healthy? Do I need a shampoo...
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