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Contrastive Analysis of Education in China and in America
1. Introduction
Education has an immense impact on human society since it came into being. Primarily, education is vital to the development of an individual. It is assumed that a person is not in the proper sense till he is educated. It trains the human mind to think and make the right decision. Also education is of great importance to any country in the world. The prosperity of a nation depends on the development of education as well as the development in science and technology. There is no doubt that countries with undeveloped education will remain uncompetitive. It is especially significant in modern societies because it determines, in large measures, the success or failure of a nation in global competition. Different countries have different education systems, which in some degree result in what the countries specialize in. Here we will just take a view on Chinese education and American eduacation, and compare and analyze these two kinds of education.

2. Similarities and Differences of Chinese Education and American Education 1. Similarities
As a nationwide system to train the mind of its citizens, Chinese education and American education share some similarities in some aspects. First, according to the basic education period, they both have elementary and secondary education which accept children age from 5or 6 to 16 or so. In detail, there are elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Second, two types of schools are found both in China and America, public schools and private schools. Generally, public schools are supported by government while private schools are paid by parents. Third, as to standardized curriculum and test, they both have their own national curriculum and tests stipulated. Within a country, every student should have basically the same curriculum and examinations and reach the standardized educational targets.

2. Differences
1. Educational Concept and Aim
China emphasizes “foundation education” while American education concerns with creativity and innovation. In other words, Chinese education focuses on the knowledge to accumulate and indoctrinate, on how students use and manage the knowledge they learned in school, and on how to understand the knowledge system and structure. Reversely, American care more about how students use knowledge in society. It encourages student to challenge the knowledge, animadvert ideas, and focus on, exploit or create knowledge. So when we compare the Chinese foundation education with America’s creative education, then most people’s opinion are that Chinese education is good at foundation education, and American education does well in the cultivation of students’ creativity.

2. Educatioal Style
American education values the evolution of ability and free personality. Their education style can be called “Quality-oriented Education”. It cultivates the creativity and ability of students so that they can meet the needs of society in the future. They dig up students’ responsibility and practice in teamwork. And they associate knowledge with real daily life and practice. They regard learning as a lifelong process, which not only from class, but also from other part of life such as part-time job experience, traveling and so on. At the same time, American parents treat every child as a independent individual and give them respect and some suggestion. So American student learn manifold skills and technique by themselves and make decisions by themselves. And parents and teacher play roles as senior life counselor not a strict controller. American education also pays attention to students’ imagination and creativity. They encourage students to think unlimitedly. So the free atmosphere of there is active and positive, sometimes may be unruly. Compared with American education, Chinese style of education is quite different. Chinese education style...
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