Charlotte's Web

Topics: Friendship, Meaning of life, Character Pages: 3 (529 words) Published: July 26, 2014
Charlotte’s Web a Novel and Film Version

Charlotte’s web the novel is a warm-hearted, classic children’s novel. The center theme of the novel is about on true friendship and loyalty. The movie, although released in 2006, the proved to be true to the memorable and popular book. The story in the novel as well in the movie remains the same. But the main difference between reading the novel against watching the movie is, movie will eliminate the imagination of the landscape or the character and it will convert it into the beautiful manner. The feeling is stronger in the movie, which will impact to the children directly. The setting in the movie that has been shown is realistic and features a landscape that is recognizable to children. Charlotte’s web is a story of about a friendship. The novel which takes place mainly at the farm. The book as well as the movie has also begun with Fern and her father where Fern preventing her father from killing pig. The scene it self in the movie shows love of for the animal and children would more identify the meaning of the scene. Charlotte’s web follows a friendship from its beginning to its end, from all the steps in between. In novel Wilbur and Fern’s friendship, or Wilbur and Charlotte’s friendship, and trace the way it grows and changes over the course of the story. The Charlotte’s web is reflects many of the quality such as power of helping others, reflection on friendship, love for any living creature etc. In the movie, when Fern takes too much take care of Wilbur her family sent Wilbur to the Uncle homer’s barn. Even in that Fern frequently visited Wilbur. Wilbur was not thrilled to be in the new barn and felt like stranger. But in the mean time Wilbur had friend with Charlotte, a grey spider. In the movie the work of the spider shown beautifully, by cleverly working and weaving words like ‘TERRIFIC’,’RADIANT’ in her web in an effort to describe Wilbur. In the book children would never understood how the words...
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