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ISD Model

Organizational Learning:
Process of creating, sharing, diffusing, and applying knowledge in organizations Not simply a focus on current needs or deficiencies, but a look to continuous leaning Can lead to a Learning Organization

The Learning Organization
An organization that acquires, organizes, and shares information & knowledge, and uses new information and knowledge to change its behaviour in order to achieve its objectives and improve its effectiveness Able to transform itself by acquiring and disseminating new knowledge and skills throughout the organization The Learning Organization

Has ability to make sense of, and respond to, surrounding environment Depends on leveraging employee knowledge
Values, policies, systems and structure support and accelerate learning for all employees Learning results in continual improvements in:
Work systems
Management practices
A more successful organization
Principles of a Learning Organization
Everybody considered a learner
People learn from each other
Learning is part of a change process
Continuous formal and informal learning
Learning is an investment
Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines
1. Personal Mastery- Always in a learning mode
2. Building a Shared Vision – development of a picture and vision of the future that everyone can agree and commit to 3. Mental Models – Examine mental models and how they influence behaviour 4. Team Learning- Through dialogue, discussion, “thinking together” learn and act together 5. Systems Thinking –View organization as a whole – see and understand how its parts are interrelated Key Dimensions of Learning Organizations (Conference Board) (pg.38) 1. Vision/Support

2. Culture
3. Learning Systems/Dynamics
4. Knowledge Management/Infrastructure
Knowledge: Sum of what is known; a body of truths, information, and principles” (pg. 38) Found in the minds of employees
Transferred and stored...
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