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Topics: Decision theory, Decision engineering, Marketing Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: October 23, 2014
Explain how Talon helps harley-Davidson employees improve their decision-making capabilities.

The system helps improve decision-making capabilities by offering an enterprise wide view of sales,expenses and operations. It automatically generates part orders, taking most of the guesswork out of replenishment and allows the company to review and analyze information across its global organization providing a wide information that supports strategic goal setting and decision making in all levels of the organization. Talon is a Harley-Davidson’s proprietary dealer management system and manages inventory, registration, warranties, point of sale transactions and inventory.

Identify a few key metrics a Harley-Davidson marketing executive might want to monitor on a digital dashboard.

Digital dashboard is a form of EIS. Harley-Davidson could help its executives gain access to larger amounts and details of enterprise wide information through a digital dashboard. A digital dashboard integrates information from multiple components and presents it in a unified display. Some of the key metrics that a Harley-Davidson marketing executive might want to monitor on a digital dashboard are Date of highest sales per month, Date of worst sales per month, correlation between product sales, online orders verses in-store purchases,Best selling product, worst selling product, sales by region and sales by season.

How can Harley-Davidson benefit from using decision support systems and executive information systems in its business?

How would Harley-Davidson’s business be affected if it decided to sell accessories directly to its online customers? Include a brief discussion of the ethics involved with this decision.

Evaluate the HOC CRM strategy and recommend an additional benefit Harley-Davidson could provide to its HOG members to increase customer satisfaction

How could Harley-Davidson’s SCM system including all upstream and downstream participants.

Explain how an...
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