Changing the Climate of Religious Internationalism: Evangelical Response to Global Warming and Human Suffering

Topics: Religion, Earth, Religious pluralism Pages: 4 (567 words) Published: December 4, 2012

Changing the climate of religious
Evangelical responses to global warming and human suffering
Percival L. Patriarca

This chapter both engages and examines that deficit, presenting climate change as a likely cause of human

suffering that merits greater attention from religious communities, briefly analysing religious responses to the

problem, and arguing for Christian engagement with this issue in global environmental governance. I found

this chapter as very informative and thought provoking to the readers most particularly in aiding global

warming and human suffering. This gives me an idea how international organizations and religious

organizations responses to these problems that really a big threat to human kind.

The international response to climate change is highlighting the emergence of the two protocol that

international community adapts. The first protocol is montreal and second protocol is Kyoto these protocols

sets out adoption principles most particularly to those countries who are larger polluters and which we are

referring to the first world countries. The agenda was really for the abatement of greenhouse gas emission. On

the other hand the religion organizations also have responses to aid climate change that’s causes human

suffering. In contrast to perspectives that focus only on the economic utility of the natural world or for which

economic efficiency is, practically speaking, the only moral guide, adherents of several of the world’s major

religions have articulated responses to climate change amid increasingly religious engagement with

environmental, as well as international, issues. Intra- and inter-faith ecumenicity is obvious in a December

2005 declaration presented by the World Council of Churches (WCC) at COP-11/MOP-1. The ecumenically

Christian WCC drafted ‘A Spiritual Declaration on Climate Change’, with six statements signed by

nearly 2,000...
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