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I motivate my learners and develop mutual respect and trust, by ensuring that my knowledge of the NVQ standards are up to date, I have standardisation meetings regular with other agencies, and look on the internet at city and guilds up dates, to make sure we are all working to the same standards and up dates have been done.

I give my learners a good understanding of the NVQ, and how it is important in their area of work, as it is government requirement for care workers to have a NVQ within a six months period, and that it is a good qualifcatation to have as it is recognised as a good qualification to have, and will be an asset to their CPD, and help them to be a better carer. I motivate my learners, by giving them positive feedback at appropriate times and place, in a constructive and encouraging way, which meets their needs and is appropriate to their level of confidence. I give my learners advice when they cannot prove their competence and how they can develop the necessary skills or provide more evidence to achieve their NVQ assessment, making sure of inclusion with my learner and have regular contact with them, and encourage them to consider all previous qualifications and experience and discuss past experience and learning related to standards. Real- life example; “one of my learners lack confidence, I give her positive feedback in ways that does not upset the learner or adversely affect their future confidence and self esteem, and give them some extra one to one time to build their trust and respect, I suggest that they use witness statements which will build their confidence and portfolio.


I treat all my learners as individuals and respect their diversity, equality and inclusion, by planning inclusive learning plans to meet all my learners’ needs, using a Varity of recourses. Any of my learners are
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