Categories of Computer Crime

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Categories of Computer Crime
CIS 170 Information Technology in Criminal Justice
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There are four categories of computer crime.
The computer as a target.
The computer as an instrument.
The computer as incidental to crime.
Crime associated with the prevalence of computers.
This paper will describe and give examples of each of these crimes. When an intruder hijacks your computer and denies you entry into your files or your network this is considered targeting your computer. Viruses and Malware also can be introduced to your computer to damage your operating system, your files or just give you a headache. Disgruntled employees are a large percentage of companies’ monetary losses due to altered, damaged, stolen files or even embezzlement. “Unlawful access to criminal justice and other government records is another crime that targets the computer directly. This crime covers changing a criminal history; modifying wants and warrant information; creating a driver's license, passport, or another document for identification purposes; changing tax records; or gaining access to intelligence files (Carter, D. n.d.).” There are some vandals or “hackers” that violate computer systems for the thrill or just to see if it is possible. These crimes cost us all in the end by having to fix the damage or just by having to upgrade our protection. “One of the best examples of a crime in which the computer is the target can be found in the book The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll. It is the true story of a hacker from Hanover, Germany, who infiltrated a number of computers in the United States, includes those of universities, the military, and government contractors. The hacker attempted to locate and steal national security information in order to sell it to foreign governments, a clear illustration of making computers the targets of crime (Carter, D. n.d.).” Where some criminals target your computer, others will use their...

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