Case for Critical Analysis

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Chapter 1
1. How many top management have done a better job changing Elektra Product into a new kind of organization? What might they do now to get the empowerment process back on track?

They needed to do a better job of introducing and installing charges. They need to explain the changes to the management and staff in a way they understand. They need to know why the changes are being made and what the company hopes to achieve. Also, top management should examine Barb’s ideas even if Martin isn’t there.

In order to get back on track Martin needs to bring his A game. He needs to recognize Barbara as an asset and listen to her ideas to see how they can be incorporated with his to build a better team. Further he needs to support her as she implements those changes to show the staff that he values her and holds her input to be valid.

2. Can you think of ways Barbara could have avoided the problems her team faced in the meeting with the department heads?

She could have gone to Martin and tried to persuade him to attend the meeting or arrange another one where he could be present. She could have also sent memos or tried to meet with each of the department heads and explained the situation. She could have asked what issues they wanted to address and maybe get a couple ideas on what she could do. Communication is key!

3. If you were Barb, what would you do now? Why?

I would want to confront Martin for not following through with his changes, but I would not give up. I would persevere with my ideas and gather support from my coworkers. Martin’s ideas would have worked well, however he let the team down when he did not attend the meeting. He basically said I have more important things to do than see to this problem. Barb should step into Martin’s shoes and lead them into the changes he failed to do.

Chapter 2 Rio Grande Supply Company

1. What environmental factors have helped to create the situation Jasper Hennings faces? What factors does Jasper need to consider when deciding on his course of action?

The world of technology helped created the problem with the unregulated use of the computers at Rio Grande Supply Company. They did not make adjustments to the advancement of technology. They should have installed firewalls and security that could have prevented making this an internal environment as well as the technological one. Jasper needs to consider the company’s policy, the people affected by his decision and the possible outcomes that arise from that choice.

2. Analyze Rio Grande Supply Company’s culture. In addition to the expressed cultural values and beliefs, what other subconscious values and beliefs do you detect? Are conflicting values present? When values are in conflict, how would you decide which ones take precedence? These following values are in conflict:

* Honesty vs. Self-preservation. Before the female was fired, some of the employees were already aware of Henry’s dirty little secret, yet no one reported it. * Right to decide vs. Respect for each employee. Jasper didn’t want to invade the privacy so he decided not to regulate and view what was on each employee’s computer. This conflicts with the respect for employees’ privacy. * Respect for the company policy vs. compassion. Clearly, Jasper struggles with the task of what to do with Henry. Keeping to the company policy is causing a conflict with the basic principles of the mission. His desire to keep Henry with the company because of how valuable of an asset he has been in the past, is conflicting with the fact that he did something, according to the company’s policy, against the key principles of the company.

3. Assuming you are Jasper, what are the first two actions you would take to handle the Henry Darger situation? How would your role as a cultural leader influence your decision? What message will your solution send to the other managers and rank-and-file employees?

Firstly, I...
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