Case Analysis

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, 21st century Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Analysis of the case
There are pressures for change and it can be difficult and takes time. Despite the challenges, many organizations successfully make needed changes, but failure also is common. As a result, managing change has become a central focus of managers in most organizations. Most Organizations around the world have tried to change themselves-some more than once. Yet for every successful change, there is an equally well-known failure. It was discovered that change can be difficult and takes time to take effect the organization. Organizations that are well positioned to change will proper, but those that ignore change will struggle. An analysis of the case shows that Walsh and mangles are ready for change and takes time to implement it. They knew the decision could cause friction, may be chase their best salespeople out of the door. It could bring disorder to a company facing a tight market, but something had to give. Both of them are dynamic and vibrant and make use of the latest technology to expedite their business. They in fact apply most of the management principle into action. As far as decision model is concerned, they introduced rational model principle and found to be successful. They have chosen the best policy which takes care of all the aspects of the organization-interest of the organization. However, in order to save the company from problem a decision was must. Ethical intensity aspect is also taken care of in the decision to make change. In fact it took nearly two years to bring about change. Here also, Walsh and mangles applied the theoretical aspect. There was a dilemma regarding dismissing some of the staff as they some of the officers had personal ties with families. All alternatives were also choices were taken into consideration. Walsh and mangles have applied all managerial principles in their decision. Some of the principles are organization interest principle and rational model principle. Scout mortgage is always ready for...
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