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Topics: Political philosophy, Communism, Culture Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: June 4, 2013

1.    International business refers to any commercial transaction that takes place between two different nations. It is a process that does not need to be done physically as a clear example on an everyday basis is the exporting and importing of goods to and from different countries.       Globalization is the process of increasing interconnectedness between different nations most notably in the areas of economics, politics, and culture. Globalization can be seen today by having a McDonalds in Japan or playing French films in Minneapolis.  

2.    It’s better to view international business as occurring between an integrated global business environment. A global perspective emphasizes ‘human values’ but not at the expense of ignoring the need for sustainable development and environmental issues. The 3 key elements are globalization, national business environments and international business environments.  

3.    Culture is a term used to refer to people’s beliefs, their traditional habits, their way of life etc. There are 8 components of culture: -Aesthetics- determines what colours could be effective in an advertisement for the company -Values- values may influence people’s attitudes towards work -Manners and customs- Manners are necessary for everyday life as well as communicating with people from other countries, negotiating deals and marketing products to them -Social structure- may affect decisions from production site to ways of advertising -Religion-different religions take different views on work

-Personal communication- provides an insight of one’s values and behaviour -Education- the education level of the staff in a workplace can affect their quality of work, amount of production etc Physical and material environment- influences work habits and preferences, for example: food and clothing  

4.    The main types of political systems are:
Democratic- leaders are chosen by a group of people. Most democracies take the form of a...
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