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Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Adrian M. Abrazaldo
Gillian Joseph Baldonado
Paul Anthony D. Atienza
Chapter I
Research Description

Overview of Current State of Technology
Today, there are wide varieties of vehicle anti-theft devices in the market. These include from simple security devices, such as steering lock, gear lock and immobilizer, to a more advanced security system that can track down stolen vehicles. Unfortunately, despite the availability of such security systems, vehicle theft is still growing. This issue has affected the car rental businesses negatively. The car rental contract is designed in a specific form for the car leasing at which consists of the agreement between the lessee (renter) with the leaser (owner) of the auto mobile. Whereby at the specific time agreed he lessee entitles the right of the usage of the car, and at the same time the leaser will offer the features of the car agreed, together with the tax payment, insurance, maintenance, and the accessories and including the realization value added of the valuation of the car. The dramatic expansion of the Internet has been observable throughout the world for more than a decade by now. More and more systems are put on-line, as the mesh of IP-based data communication networks gets tighter every day. The advancement of network technologies has opened a whole new set of possibilities for service providers to offer and for users to take advantage of a variety of information services. In parallel to the development of the Internet, also mobile communication technologies have experienced in recent years a phase of spectaculous growth. New features like the short message service (SMS) or the multimedia messaging service (MMS) provided by modern mobile telecommunications system standards like the global system for mobile communications (GSM), have for their part caused these systems to become popular...
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