Buyer Decision Making

Topics: Marketing, Decision theory, Cognition Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: April 16, 2011
An essential part of marketing is the buyer decision making process. This is arguably an ideal part for marketers as they r able to view how consumers make buying decisions, after looking at the influences that affect buyers. The buyer decision making process involves five stages in which buyers make decisions in purchasing a product. These five stages include problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, post purchase behavior (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans & Armstrong, 2010). Consumers always pass through all five stages with each purchase, in a high involvement decision. However, for low involvement decision they may not always follow these steps, instead reversing the order or even skipping steps. Marketers use this model to highlight and assess the main considerations that arise when consumers are involved in a new purchase decision. Therefore, the buyer decision making process is an integral part of marketing. Firstly, the first stage of the buyer decision process is problem recognition. This stage is where the consumer recognises the problem and need. This is sensing the difference between the actual state and the desired state (Bruner II & Pomazal, 1988). This need can be sparked by both internal stimuli and external stimuli. Internal stimuli is the individual’s normal problem and needs eg. ( hunger, thirst, sex) which develops to a drive (Kotlel, 2010). Likewise, external stimuli is the external environment eg( peer pressure, desires after seeing someone else having what u are interested in) enticing the individual to a need. Therefore its is ideal for marketers to identify the consumer problems which exist, and the marketed product is the perfect solution. A great example of external stimuli is advertisements of products, this case (Hydroxycut, 2010) fat burning pills which are developed to make the purchaser slimmer and hence more attractive. These advertising campaigns create and different...

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