Buyer Behaviour: the Consumer Decision-Making Process & Purchasing a Car

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Automobile Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Section 1: Introduction

This report will focus on the consumer behaviour, buying decisions and the decision making process of a female in her 30s, married with two children. As well as being a mother she has a part time job. She is looking for a car with cheaper running costs due to the rise in costs of motoring but also needs a relatively large car to do the school run and food shopping. Also in this report the components of the decision making process will be analysed and marketing suggestions and recommendations will be provided for marketers of cars who may wish to target a similar consumer.

Section 2: The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour

There are four characteristics that affect consumer behaviour. Kotler et al (2008) believes that consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal and psychological characteristics. The consumer that I am exploring is a female in her 30’s, married with two children.

Mintel (2010) provides that “The greatest influence on women on selection of a car for purchasing is their own personal experience of a car that they have driven, ridden in or seen being driven.” Relating characteristics to this information provided, it would seem that social characteristics will affect this consumer’s behaviour when purchasing a car. The consumer has both primary memberships. Her primary membership group is likely to include her family, neighbours, and fellow colleagues at her part time job that she occupies. All of these are people that she has regular interaction with and therefore can have a direct influence on her buying decisions. A well researched example of how primary memberships can have such direct influence is that by Tomkins (2002) in which he explains ‘children are particularly prone to these social pressures that account for playground fads that permeate school year and account for the annual convergence on a particular Christmas toy, such as Beyblades’. Based on all of this it is...
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