Buyer Behaviour

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Please try to note the issues of the family life cycle and marketing research. This case shows an example of an industry that is constantly evolving and needs to cater to many different needs of the different segments of the coffee market.

1. How might current trends in the family life cycle and changes in the decision-making process influence the Turkish coffee market? In many ways. (e.g. economic weight, behavioral aspects, brand and relationship management and the marketization effort of firms that are all being negotiated on an everyday basis by households. Issues such as the domestication of grocery shopping and how it affects the dynamics of intra-household decision making, information sharing and responsibilities of tasks need to be unpacked. 1) the resources available to the unit.

2) the allocation rules for distributing and consuming these resources and the compensation or prestige they provide any individual with need to be allocated. 3) the consequences of choice or non-choice of the assets purchased. The personal shopping management tactics will also be reflected in varying levels of shopping usage. The task allocation procedure and bargaining frameworks of households are not deemed to be set. They are assumed to change following seasonal and cyclical variations in the household’s needs and obligations. While considering Turkish coffee market other aspect such as country of origin, culture, preparation time can also be taken into account. In the decision-making process power is an important attribute (or the degree to which one family member exerts influence over the others). Time Horizon and social context of consumption is also relevant including pre-purchase and point of sale advertising activities. Although working couples on average shop once weekly in supermarkets, top-up shopping may be relevant in the coffee category. Lastly, inertia lead to the fact that households got used to drinking instant coffee, while...
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