Business Ethics Individual Assignment 1

Topics: Morality, Lie, Management Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Individual Assignment Case 1: “The Lost Coupon”

1 Problem Statement
Should Joe interfere and tell the front desk manager about the couple’s small scam? The Problem:
Joe is facing a dilemma, whether to reveal the truth about the coupon or to keep silence. Who has to act:
The problem owner and the one who has to act is Joe, since he knows that couple doesn’t have a coupon and is going to lie about their situation. At the same time he is a shareholder of this hotel, which makes the following situation more complicated. He is interested in higher profits of the hotel. The moral nature of a problem:

The moral nature of a problem is Joe’s situation and decision he has to make. The problem concerns his interests as a shareholder and as a person who incidentally became a witness of the scam planning. He is experiencing inner conflict between Joe-shareholder and Joe-witness. He understands that the couple’s plan will decrease his future benefits as a shareholder. 2 Problem analyses

Five important stakeholders and their interests:
1 Joe - a shareholder, is interested in higher profits of the hotel. 2 Ellen - a shareholder, is interested in higher profits of the hotel. 3 A couple - hotel guests, is interested in saving up some money by usage of a coupon. 4 A couple’s friend - a hotel guests, is interested in helping his/her friends (couple). 5 Individual from seventh floor - a random person, no sufficient information. Conflict of interests:

1 & 2 versus 3 & 4 – the most obvious conflict of this case. Joe and Ellen’s interests as a shareholder are going against couple’s plans to save up some money by cheating. Relevant, uncertain and possible missing facts:

- the relationship between couple and their friend is uncertain, whether they are acquaintances or lifetime friends. - it is unclear whether Joe and Ellen are the main shareholders of the hotel or have a small amount of shares. - the most uncertain fact is the connection of...
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